Sunny Day – Hooray!

6 05 2008

So, as usual, I’ve been barely coping with schoolwork, struggling best I can.  Lately I’ve been spending WAY too much time online – I’m becoming addicted.  And the rest of the family are not happy, so that’s got to change now.  Still, I can still blog!

I’ve had another tiring day.  Last double lesson (periods 5 and 6) was media, and a grand total of four people attended.  That’s got to be a record, or something.  I’m pretty sure everyone was in, but only the four of us showed.  Luckily Adam was in a good mood – must be the weather.  We did a few practice questions, then watched some TV.  And if any of you skivers are reading this, you missed out on sweets and prawn crackers.  And Adam paid for them!

It’s really sunny, and the sky is blue and clear.  Walking home, I just couldn’t help noticing how much like summer it felt.  The birds were singing.  Cars glowed like magnesium flares as sunlight reflected off them.  And everybody just seemed so happy to be alive.  Even (someone who appeared to be) an emo kid and his girlfriend were smiling.  Once I’ve posted this, I’m going to get off this computer, go outside and enjoy the sunshine.  How can anyone feel miserable on such a glorious day as this?

Current listening: Radiohead, “Gagging Order”.

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7 05 2008

over here, it’s so bleeding hot i was sweating as i slept. 👿 i guess when it’s cold where you live almost all the time, summer is welcomed unlike in malaysia, where it is perpetually hot! right now is especially hot though.

7 05 2008

Oops! Did I overdo the cheerfulness on that last paragraph?

It’s not usually that cold over here (not as cold as most people from other countries seem to think, anyway), it’s just unpredictable. Also, since it’s been winter for ages, it makes a nice change for the sun to come out. Means you can go outside without fear of being drenched in rain!

It doesn’t normally get very hot over here, so I suspect our summers are nowhere near as hot as yours. It’s just nice and warm. If it gets too hot, you can guarantee we will start complaining about it. The English are good at that! 😉

8 05 2008

I liked this, Bobby; it made me smile. 🙂 A sunny day is a wonderful thing. (Don’t listen to poor sulz, who doesn’t have a choice 😦 ) When it gets to be June or July in my desert, I may be complaining, too, but right now it’s glorious!
“Cars glowed like magnesium flares” —what a piquant phrase!
Ah, internet addiction: it will slowly eat your brain. But then you’ll be like the rest of us…

8 05 2008

Thanks Muse! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

I love sunny weather. We’ve had three days of it in a row, which is unusual but welcome! It’s great to be able to go outside during lunch break!

No, my poor brain! Must… fight… argh!

11 05 2008
Will Rhodes

I know this may sound really boring – but I do miss the unpredictability of the British weather – in Canada, and this is true, you have Winter & Construction.

The winter is so cold and the rest of the short year is – hot or very hot! LOL With a good bit of rain thrown in for good measure.

12 05 2008

Not boring at all; it is kind of fun the way you don’t know quite what sort of weather you’re going to have in England. Unexpected rain is still a nuisance, though!

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