I wrote this this morning

22 03 2008

The water is warm against my skin.  On the surface, I see a milk bottle cap, floating upside-down, filled with bubbles: hundreds of soap bubbles, every one unique.  The rectangular window is reflected in them, in green and purple.  I move my hands a little, disturbing the water slightly.  The cap flips over and sinks to the bottom of the bowl.  I look out the window, and see that it is starting to snow – slowly at first, but rapidly gaining momentum until there are snowflakes everywhere, like a blizzard.  The music changes.  If you listen to the song whilst watching them, you can almost convince yourself that the snowflakes are falling in time with the track.  I pull my hands out of the bowl and dry them on a towel.  Then I grab a pen and some paper and begin to write.

I smile to myself.  The world is so beautiful.




4 responses

22 03 2008

the first thing that came to mind was that you’re in love! 😛 haha. well, you are, aren’t you? in love with life. though we know i’m not thinking about that kind of in love. 😉

23 03 2008

Ha ha! 🙂 It was just one of those moments, when I realised just how great it is just existing, you know? And how seemingly the most mundane things can be so beautiful, if only we notice them.

As to the other kind of “in love”… Not at the moment, no. I think. Well, I’m really not sure!

28 03 2008

I liked this! Such exuberance! I had a similar sort of reckoning today, and you really caught the experience of taking joy in small things. Isn’t it wonderful when we actually notice our surroundings?

28 03 2008

Thank you very much, Muse! 🙂

I think that we are surrounded by beauty wherever we go. All we have to do is keep our eyes open.

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