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8 03 2008

It’s been a long and busy week, and my plan for regularly updating this site seems to have gone out the window.  I got my exam results back on Thursday.  They were mostly kind of average, but I got an A in Audiences & Institutions, so I guess all the effort I put into the blog paid off.

I’m bragging, sorry.  It’s not often I have something to brag about. o_o;

The BBC brings us more iPlayer/iPhone news.  The BBC iPlayer can now be streamed to the iPhone and iPod Touch using wi-fi (the mobile network is too slow to allow streaming).

The BBC has done a deal with The Cloud to provide BBC services free at The Cloud hotspots.

A version of iPlayer for Virgin Media customers is expected to follow.




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8 03 2008

congrats on your grade. i have a feeling i won’t be getting good grades for my final semester. 😦 i’m having a study burnout – maybe at the right time too since i’m going to graduate after this.

9 03 2008

Thanks sulz. 🙂 It’s only a module grade, not the final thing, but it’s left me chuffed to bits. Probably inordinately so.

Good luck with your final grades! I’m sure you’ll be fine!

9 03 2008

You deserve to brag. Glad your blog helped!

9 03 2008

Thanks Muse! So am I… 😉

10 03 2008

Hi Bobby i am a media teacher and i want my students to see some good examples of audiences and institutions work, any chance of any top tips or exemplar material form yourself ?

10 03 2008

No exemplar material handy I’m afraid; since it’s an examination, the work was submitted and it’s gone. I’d be happy to tell you my strategies for the exam though.

Basically, it all came down to revision and exam technique. As far as the revision goes, I created a list of key words based on words used in class and on handouts my teacher gave out, (I posted it here – https://b0bbyg.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/useful-media-studies-words/ )and checked it regularly until I had learnt them all.

I also checked the BBC technology news page regularly, to keep up to date with new media developments. Creating this blog was in itself a helpful exercise, since by writing about recent media developments I gave myself practice at spotting trends and analysing media.

In the exam itself, it was just a question of knowing what to expect from the paper – fortunately, our teacher provided us with plenty of practice questions and past papers, so it was easy to develop technique. I posted some advice for good exam technique here https://b0bbyg.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/audiences-and-institutions-exam-technique/ (this is assuming your class are using the same exam board as us).

Oh, and a bit of luck came in handy too, since the question turned out to be on a topic I’d been revising only the previous day.

Hope that helped!

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