“St. Valentine’s Day Card” – by BobbyG

14 02 2008

I wanted to do a special post for Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person, so I didn’t know what to put.  Then I had this brainwave, inspired somewhat by Will Rhodes‘ recent brave venture into the world of creative writing blog posts.  These are the lyrics to a song that I wrote a little while ago.  I haven’t put any of my creative writing on this blog before now, but this seemed appropriate to the season, so I thought I’d share it with you.

St Valentine’s Day Card

I am such a useless teenage
Waste of my precious time
Trying fruitlessly to pretend
That I’m not a waste of space
But I watch you pathetically when
You’re chatting with your friends
Trying to convince myself that
I’m not being really creepy

I don’t want to follow you
And I don’t want to talk to you
It would be cool if we were friends
But you’re too cool to really like me

I think that you’re wonderful
I’ll even dare say beautiful
I’m ashamed of laughing at you
Like a gormless primary schoolboy
Some days I sit near you
Admiring your homework and I
Adore everything about you
I’m just terrified to admit

I don’t want to kiss you
And I can’t imagine you naked
And you’ve probably got a boyfriend
Who could kick the stuffing out of me
I guess I’d like to hold your hand
But I don’t have the guts to hug you
So I’m writing you this card
Just to let you know I love you

by Bobby G


Copyright Bobby G, 2008.

I hope you liked it.  It has a tune, but that exists only in my head, since I find scoring music tedious.  Oh, and sorry if it was a little depressing.  All my songs seem to end up that way!  o_o;




8 responses

14 02 2008

oh, such a sweet innocent song! or shouldn’t it be a poem? 😉

happy valentine’s day!

14 02 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day sulz!

I’m glad you liked it. It’s sort of a poem, except that it was written with a tune in mind, so when I hear it in my head, it’s to that tune. o_o;

Thank you!!! 🙂

14 02 2008

You are very brave to post this song! I haven’t been a teenager for a little while, but you do bring back the angst, the anguish, the tentativeness. Very nice job coming from the heart of one who knows….

14 02 2008

Thanks, Muse! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, I’m good at being pathetic and miserable. 😉

14 02 2008

I loved it! A long time ago I received a Valentine very much like this one. The guy in question finally twigged to the fact that my girlfriend was interested in him and I that was not. Eventually, they married.

14 02 2008

Thanks timethief! 🙂

Aww, that’s a great story! I would never dare send this valentine to somebody though – I think it would be a little worrying to receive! 0_0;

I think it sounds a tad obsessive and immature, you know!

22 02 2008
Will Rhodes

Good on you, Bobby! Really good Lyrics – but you do know you will have to score them!

23 02 2008

Wow, thank you very much Will! 🙂

Yeah, I probably will have to score them eventually!

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