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11 02 2008

OK, I want to write something, but I’ll have to be brief, since I want to go to bed early this evening.  I have now seen the second half of The Searchers, and read a synopsis of the first half.  However, I realise that this is not the best way to experience a film, so I’ll be sure to watch it in full before I attempt to give a detailed view of it.

The film struck me as being very much of its time – that is, 1950s America.  Given the race issues at the time, the film would probably have been groundbreaking in its treatment of those issues.  However, by modern standards it still seemed somewhat racist, which I can only suppose is a characteristic of many old Westerns.  What interested me, though, is the way that The Searchers was a revisionist Western of sorts; a twist on the Western form.  It just struck me as interesting that, even back in the ’50s, people were playing with the formula, perhaps attempting to create something truer to life than the traditional Western fantasy as portrayed in dime novels and Wild West shows.

I’m feeling absolutely rotten at the moment; headachey, sore throat, the works.  Man-flu?  Maybe, but it is blooming horrible, hence the early night.  I am, however, disproportionately excited that a new Gunnerkrigg Court chapter has begun – the first one since I started following the series.  I would like to commemorate the moment here.

Should I be embarrassed about liking a webcomic like GC?  Nah, because it’s excellent.  Seriously, I’m hooked.

Anyway, going to bed now.  Good night all.

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12 02 2008

Hi there,
I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling poorly. Push fluids and get lots of rest.
I’m hear to to ask you to join lastfm and look me up there. I’m at http://www.last.fm/brighfeather/ and when you find me you will find other wp folks you know (ella, roads, thescaredpath, kimik0, sunburntkamel, etc.) We are having a great time sharing the music we are obsessive about.

12 02 2008

Hey, no need to be embarrassed about anything, IMO. Enjoy what you enjoy.
I hope going to bed early leaves you refreshed and feeling well.
I appreciated what you wrote about 1950’s racism and shall look forward to your expanded views.
Sweet dreams and better tomorrow! 🙂

12 02 2008

Thanks, museditions, brightfeather! 🙂

Also, thanks about the lastfm thing. I didn’t realise how cool that site is (you can play tracks in full, for free?! Up to 3 times??). At the moment I’m a little reluctant to subscribe to a website that asks for payment, but I will definitely think about it. It does sound like a fun site!

12 02 2008

There is no payment required. I have over 175 tracks on my playlist and have never spent a cent. http://www.last.fm/help/faq/

13 02 2008

That’s really cool. Thanks timethief! 🙂

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