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6 02 2008

Well, I haven’t blogged in a while, so it probably seems like I’m just being lazy; sorry.  I was planning to have a “first impressions” article on The Searchers written by this time, complete with my notes on the Western conventions displayed by that film.  Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, I haven’t actually watched the film yet.  That’s right – I still haven’t watched a proper Western.

So, if I haven’t been watching Westerns, what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been trying – and thus far failing – to complete my Music Technology recording 2, which has to be finished by Friday or I’ll be dropped from the course.  I’ve been preparing for an English essay involving a comparison of the way that a chosen theme is presented in two novels of my choice (I’m comparing the consequences of man as creator, as portrayed in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein).  I have failed to see Cloverfield, which is a movie I was really interested in seeing (I’m hoping I’ll be able to see it soon), although I did get to see a very good school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I’ve stormed dramatically from a classroom, seriously annoyed the daughter of a well-known British talk show host, and finally gotten hold of a copy of Radiohead’s Airbag/How Am I Driving?, which I’ve wanted for ages.

I’m writing all this from one of the school computers, because this morning the anti-virus checker spotted a virus on my home computer, and I’ve left it to deal with it.  The school computers are not without their drawbacks; I am, for instance, finding it difficult to read BBC news at the moment, because one of the most popular current stories contains the word “r*pe” in the title (that “*” should be an “a”, but I don’t want this page to get filtered too).  I don’t know what the idea is behind Impero filtering that word.  I mean, it’s a pretty negative expression, so the filter is more likely to be blocking serious news sites than dirty ones.  I did manage to read enough to know that repairs are underway on the damaged Internet cable, although they still can’t confirm the cause of the damage; Egypt are denying that it was a ship’s anchor, but then they probably would anyway.

It’s been raining a lot lately.  Monday it kept drizzling, but the sun was really bright.  I couldn’t see a rainbow anywhere though.  Yesterday was just near-constant downpour, though.

I’m blogging about the weather.  Perhaps I’d better draw this post to a close.  Don’t worry, this blog will be back to normal once I’ve got more organised, and then regular, relevant updates will resume.


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6 02 2008

wow, your school computers has word filters? a bit restrictive for a pretty liberal country isn’t it? i mean, my college computer labs have no such programs installed, so technically we could watch porn if we dare to. 😛 and this is in a country where oral sex is considered illegal, haha. (well, not just this country, but well, the point’s still valid. and if you’re wondering, it’s a law but it’s not enforced.)

6 02 2008

Yes, the UK is probably pretty liberal as countries go, but the people running my school are really stuffy middle-class types who believe that kids can’t be trusted to use a computer without looking at “corrupting” material – as though we haven’t already been permanently mentally scarred in sex ed class. 🙂 So various words are blocked, such as “porn”, “games”, and (most bizarrely of all) “bypass”. It’s really frustrating trying to do work using a website that has one of those words on it, because it means you can’t read it.

Last year, there was a big fuss because a bunch of girls were caught going on “innappropriate websites” during lesson time. They were playing online computer games, but the way the staff talked about it, you’d think they had been looking at porn!

Probably there are no eleven year olds at your college, so they think you’re mature enough to be trusted. Our school is ages 11 to 19, so maybe they feel that the children need protecting or something.

How would you go about enforcing a law like that? Would the police spy through people’s bedroom windows? 😛

6 02 2008

“…this blog will be back to normal…” I don’t know, Bobby, has your blog ever been normal to begin with? 😉 Your literary and film aspirations sound encouraging. I understand about your music tech course, and other things you’ve been up to in order to deprive us of your Western film reviews, but what, on earth, did you do to annoy the daughter?

7 02 2008

I insulted ITV (the channel that her dad’s show is on) in front of her, and she got very defensive and bad-tempered. I wasn’t even being serious! o_o;

Well, OK, when I’m more organised, this blog will be back to normal-ish. 😉

7 02 2008

Those word filters are so annoying. Our schools have them as well and it’s just impossible to get any research done when the important parts of the article are blacked out. The government just spent millions on a better and more secure filter; then a 15 year old hacked it in 20 minutes!

Look forward to seeing what you think of The Searchers when you see it; that’s a great Western. Who wants to have a normal blog, though, Bobby? It’s much more fun to be irreverent! I mean, where else would you hear about Radiohead, Westerns, word filters, the daughter of a talk show host and the weather all in one post? 🙂

7 02 2008

Yeah, sufficiently computer-savvy people can get past filters if they’re determined enough, even if they’re only 15. A friend of mine recently got banned from using the school computers because he created a proxy website that gets past some of the filters, and had the chutzpah to name it after the school.

Well, I’m glad you like the blog. I must admit, it is more fun being irrelevant than relevant. 🙂 Thank you!

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