The Internet FAILS

31 01 2008

This morning I couldn’t get the Internet to work.  There was something wrong with the server, or the modem, or something.  Anyway, when I got home today, it was working again, and it looks like I got off easy: in South Asia and the Middle East, the Internet servers have been disrupted by severed cables yesterday, as reported by the BBCAlso as reported by the Beeb, the disturbances are set to continue, with 50% of India’s bandwidth and 70% of Egypt’s bandwidth affected.  The companies serving the east coast of the USA and the UK are the worst affected.  The cause of the damage is as yet unknown, but it may have been a ship’s anchor. o_0;

Anyway, this got me thinking about how much I – and we, as in, the culture I am a part of – rely on the Internet.  It’s so important to so many people, and yet it hasn’t been around for all that long (according to Wikipedia’s article, the World Wide Web was invented in 1989, but I’m sure it didn’t become as popular as it is now until broadband became widespread).  Today a friend of mine was shocked when he realised that he spends more than 20 hours a week online.  I might be just as bad.

Another reason to feel depressed is the weather.  A lot of people probably think we in the UK make a lot of fuss about nothing when it comes to weather – “You call this a blizzard?  Back in Alaska, we call this sleet!” – but the fact is that we in the UK are simply not used to weather that can kill you directly.  For us, weather is normally a constantly changing (remember, we’re an island) nuisance, nothing more.  So when we get freak snowfalls or 70mph gales, we naturally get a bit freaked out.  I remember feeling very annoyed when a publication – can’t remember what it was – described the floods that occured in this area last year as “the most boring natural disaster ever”, and implied that nobody cared.  People died.  People’s houses were flooded.  We in the UK just can’t deal with that kind of thing!

As it is, I live on a hill, so the worst I personally got from the flooding was a drenching and a slight cold (it helped that I was in Scotland during the local, deeply ironic drinking water shortage, too).  Similarly, today I was not blown off the road or snowed in.  I did, however, get very cold and wet, and overall I’m not in a good mood.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling snowed under with Music Tech coursework.  Music Technology is the fourth hardest subject taught at my school (after the three sciences), and due to numerous setbacks, I’m really behind with the coursework (which I can only do during school time, due to the equipment required).  I’m currently planning to write lyrics for my Composition 1 piece, but I have a mental block when it comes to writing cheerful lyrics.  They always end up sounding cheesy and insincere.  I’m good at depressing, though, but I don’t want to write emo songs.

Huh, I thought “black monday” was a couple of weeks back.  So, here I am, back in my (moderately) warm house, enjoying my Internet connection, hoping that Pink Floyd, Gorillaz and the Smashing Pumpkins will alleviate my gloom.

Current listening: Pink Floyd, “Interstellar Overdrive”.




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1 02 2008

i’ve always wanted to visit england some day, but i guess if the weather is like that every day it won’t be much fun! and yes, it’s terrible to not have internet connection! i feel like half a limb is gone or something. time just goes much much slower without internet connection!

1 02 2008

The weather here is certainly not like that every day – that’s why we panic so much when it is really bad. Usually it’s fairly mild. It’s a matter of perspective, of course – my aunt, who’s Scottish, thinks that England is too warm to visit in Summer!

It must have been really bad without a modem, poor you. 😦 I’m glad that hasn’t happened to me. Yet. I must remember never to use the Internet during a thunderstorm!

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