I actually have no idea what to write…

21 01 2008

…But what the heck.  My exam is tomorrow, and I haven’t been putting anything on the blog, mainly because I can’t think of anything to say that’s relevant to the exam at this late stage.  Anyone who doesn’t know what to write in the Critical Research Study (Unit 2734) exam might be interested to know that Adam’s blog (which recently got updated for the first time in months) provides some links that you might find helpful.

So here I am sat in the Sixth Form block, surrounded by nerds discussing Cloverfield and Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z (none of which I know anything much about), trying to blog because I haven’t been on here for nearly a week.

So, it looks like soon the exams will be over and then, next week, I’ll be taking this back to the original topic of films.

In the meantime, I’ll be revising.




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22 01 2008

Are you a nerd, too, Bobby, or just find yourself surrounded? 🙂 Best of luck with the exams. If you are as intelligent and articulate on the exams as you are here in the blog, you should be in top form!

22 01 2008

Thanks, museditions!

I am definitely a nerd, just not one who takes an interest in Dragon Ball Z! 🙂

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