New Year’s Day

1 01 2008

Well, it’s now 2008.  I’m so tired.  I still have an unfeasibly large amount of homework to do and less than 2 days to do it in.  It’s strange how deadlines seem so much nearer now.  What used to be “next year” is now “in a couple of weeks” or even “this month”!  And we have exams in January.  That’s pretty much now.

I don’t like the idea of putting my birthday on the Internet (I’m paranoid about identity theft!), but that’s also in January.  This month.  In a few days time I’ll be legally an adult, and that terrifies me.

I thought I’d just now pause to reflect on the year I’ve had: I’ve made some dumb mistakes, and I’ve probably achieved some things as well.

Unfortunately, I’m no good at this kind of philosophical thinking.  So instead, I’ve resolved to work harder and more efficiently this year, and hopefully become a better person for it.  That means no more wasting time sitting in the study area playing video games and bitching about people.  If I’m going to achieve anything, I’ve got to strive for it.

Problem is, my personal goals are not always the ones I’m supposed to be aiming for.  What if I don’t want to write essays on Shakespeare or Atwood or Wordsworth, or spend hours recording covers of Green Day and Radiohead?  What if, shock horror, I don’t care about media studies either?  I know I shouldn’t think like that, but sometimes school work gets to me.  I’m just not good with deadlines, that’s all.

What I would really like to do, I’ve realised, is write a story.  I have two stories that I’m writing at the moment, both of which I haven’t finished the first chapter of.  The stories, which I have provisionally titled Lottie and Joshua, after the names of the protagonists, are both fantasy stories, probably aimed at children/young adult readers.  Lottie is a contemporary fantasy about a basically nice girl with extraordinary powers, extreme arrogance, and some highly dangerous enemies, which I began writing before I’d heard the term “Mary Sue” and am now very much hoping she isn’t one.  Joshua is a more conventional tale about an ordinary boy who is stranded in a magical world where he must fight against elves and demons.  I realise that these descriptions make the stories sound like they suck; possibly they will, but I won’t know until I’ve written them.  Progress on both stories is being slowed by a number of factors, including writer’s block, but the main problem is finding the time to work on them when there are so many other things going on.

There are other things I would like to do as well.  I would like to teach myself how to play guitar, and I’d like to get good at playing piano.  I’ve been trying to learn how to draw cartoons, but I haven’t drawn one in ages.  I haven’t even been playing video games lately.  I bought Super Mario Galaxy in early November, and I haven’t taken it out of the box.

This blog is another thing I realise I’ve been neglecting of late, but so much has been going on, especially given Christmas.  It began life as a simple homework task: write a blog about films.  This quickly expanded to encompass television as well, and then all areas of the media.  In January, I’ll be taking my exam on audiences and institutions, and then technically I won’t have to do any more media blogging.  But it’s been fun, in its own way, and I’ve met some nice people on wordpress.  I still hope that my notes are useful to other people who study media; judging by the searches people have been using to arrive here, they may well be, which I suppose is an incentive to keep the blog going.

I need to look forward to 2008 with a positive spirit.  I’m definitely a pessimist, and perhaps my new year’s resolutions ought to include an optimistic view on life.  My life is going to change a lot very soon, after all.

I can’t believe how much I’ve just written; I normally try to keep this blog fairly impersonal.  Perhaps I’d best shut up now before I say anything really stupid.

I want to thank all the people who have read and occasionally commented on this blog.  Adam Robbins (does he really read this?), the mysterious Sam, harley, punkpsycho, Sulz, kkris, dtrautwein, dsmith, tboser, Kearsten, Millz11, leader, morg, amanda, Dustin, Toucan Cam, indeed everyone in Saskatchewan, timethief, nylusmilk, Bobby (no relation!), cjwriter, Will Rhodes, Cat, dissfunktional, ellaella, the equally mysterious Idetrorce, museditions and Video Game Releases, and, of course, Mr. WordPress him-probably-automated-self: thank you all for your comments and reading!  A happy new year to you all!

And a happy new year to you, too.

 Bobby G.




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1 01 2008

oooh, i’m in the list, woot. thank you! :mrgreen: happy new year to you too.

1 01 2008

Happy new year, Sulz! :mrgreen:

1 01 2008

And a Happy New Year Bobby… thanks for the visit.

1 01 2008

Happy new year to you too.

I remember originally starting to blog because it was the easiest way to update folks back home in Germanny of my escapades in the UK. That was over four years ago and I lost interest in that real quick. My blogs been around coming up to 1 1/2 years with breaks. Just keep in mind, do what you want to do, don’t think of blogging as a something to do, think of what it does for you.


Good Luck with school, your exams. Life is a lot harder, so try and enjoy this time.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are your plans after school?? Gap year, uni…?

Happy New Year!

1 01 2008
Will Rhodes

Happy New Year, Bobby!!!

1 01 2008

@ Cat: Thanks, Cat. Don’t worry; I’m certainly not labouring under the delusion that life will get easier once I leave school.

I wish I could say my plans, but I haven’t really got it all figured out. I think I’ll probably take a gap year and then decide whether to go to uni or get an apprenticeship or something.

Happy new year! 🙂

@ Will Rhodes: Happy new year! 🙂

1 01 2008

Happy new year, withmalice! 🙂

Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier – it got marked as spam for some reason o_0;

1 01 2008

Happy New Year, Bobby! And best of luck with your deadlines and exams. 🙂

I don’t think your stories sound like they suck, by the way. Lottie sounds very interesting. I love fantasy but I get tired of the standard format and find contemporary fantasy refreshing. I think the best thing is just to write because you want to write; that way finding time doesn’t feel like such a burden, even if it takes a year or more.

1 01 2008

Thanks, CJ. I’m certainly going to keep writing; it’s just a little disheartening when you realise you’ve been writing one story for some time and not gotten anywhere with it.

Happy new year! 🙂

1 01 2008

I came to read this before I knew I was on your thank you list. When I found myself there I felt honored, thanks, Bobby! Among my wishes, concerning yourself, if I may be so bold, is to get the chance to read both the stories you’re working on. They sound awesome, and not “sucky” at all. You’re a very good writer, and with your media studies, writing, and cartoon drawing, AND interest in gaming–do you design games? If you posted on that I missed it, and I’d be happy to read your thoughts.
Also, “good on you” with your music interests. Sounds like you’ll have a great year. I do hope you’ll keep blogging, even when you don’t “have” to!
A very happy birthday, whenever it is. 🙂

1 01 2008

Wow, thank you so much, museditions! 🙂

The stories are still very much in the early stages, so I should like to work on them a little longer before showing them to people, but thanks for the interest. I may post extracts from them here in future, to see what people’s opinions of them are.

Design games? That would be wonderful, but no. I can dream!

Hope you have a happy new year!

1 01 2008

heya, happy new year and thanks for the link love and mention! 😀

2 01 2008

Happy New Year Bobby, looking forward to 2008!

2 01 2008

Thanks for the link love. Have terrific 2008 Booby. 🙂

2 01 2008

Have a happy new year, nylusmilk and dissfunktional! 🙂

And you, timethief; I hope you have a great 2008. I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier, but it was classified as spam for some reason. Might have been because you called me “Booby” (was that a typo?). Anyway, have a happy new year! 🙂

4 01 2008

*lol* that misspelling was not intentional and not to worry all my comments get eaten by AkisMATT . It goes along with being rendered “inactive” I suppose.

6 01 2008

That’s OK, then, although I would understand if it was intentional (I probably am a bit of a booby…). It must really suck to have all your comments flagged by Akismet (or AkisMatt, for that matter). Have you asked them to fix that?

31 12 2008
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