Africa needs Internet

20 12 2007

As reported by the BBC, Dr. Nii Quaynor, professor of computer science at the University of Cape-Coast in Ghana, has said that, as well as resources like food and water, Africa needs affordable computing if it is to develop.  Said Mr. Quaynor, “Affordable computing is necessary. What is going to power development in Africa is going to be lower-cost user interfaces.”

One possible solution to this is the XO laptop, which the One Laptop Per Child project aims to give to millions of schoolchildren in the developing world.  The laptops are cheap, sturdy, require little power and come with waterproof, dustproof cases.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple.  However, I’m hopeful that, one day, everyone will be able to access the Internet (isn’t that the point in it?).  This would have felt like a daft statement a couple of years back, but now I honestly do think that the Internet will become a vital tool in ending world poverty and inequality.  After all, look how much business revolves around the Internet as it is.




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