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13 12 2007

According to the BBC, 39% UK adults use social networking sites.  This compares with 53% in Canada, 34% in the USA, 32% in Japan, 22% in Italy, 17% in France and 12% in Germany.

These stats are courtesy of an Ofcom report.

 The report also showed that the USA is the only country where more there are more female Internet users than male ones (52% of US Internet users are women).  The only country where there are an equal number of male and female Internet users is the UK.  Everywhere else, men use the Internet more.

Yep.  Interesting.

And while I’m on the subject of that report, the UK enjoys some of the cheapest deals for mobiles, broadband and television.  Which is odd, because I was under the impression that everything costs more over here than elsewhere.




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13 12 2007

what does it mean if men are the bigger internet users than women?

from what i heard from friends, even mobile phones are cheaper in the uk than in malaysia. funny thing is, if you come down to malaysia from the uk, food and almost everything else here is just so bleeding cheap!

13 12 2007

I have no idea what it means. Maybe men are just bigger nerds? Or possibly it has something to do with males looking at dirty websites… 🙂

Generally, electrical goods cost more in the UK than they do in mainland Europe or North America (due to various complex reasons, many of which I find mystifying). I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know very much about Malaysia, so I really can’t comment on prices there.

Ahem… mind if I delete your second comment? They appear to be the same…

13 12 2007

please feel free to delete! it’s your blog, even though that’s my comment.

don’t be ashamed. many people don’t know about malaysia, but when you do, you’ll be glad to know her. 😉

13 12 2007


It is a sad fact that (and, to be fair to myself, this is probably true of many people) I know nothing of many world cultures. I think I have a reasonable knowledge of Western Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA, but apart from that, I’m shockingly ignorant. 😦

Maybe I should read more international news!

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