A pirate’s view of piracy

1 12 2007

BBC’s Click have published an article in which they interview Fredrick Neij and Peter Sunde, of The Pirate Bay.  The reason the site still exists is that they can’t be prosecuted for searching for pirate material.  It would only become illegal if they actually hosted the stuff.  That and the fact that a number of people got very upset when they tried to close it down.

I thought this quote from Peter Sunde offered food for thought:

“Nobody is crying that people who used to go around selling ice to people do not have a job anymore because of the fridge.  It would be stupid but it is the same thing…  Technology has changed. You can’t go back, there’s no way to go back. And I don’t think there’s a will to go back.”

And not an “aargh” or a “yo-ho-ho” in sight.

I thought it was interesting to see the perspective of the much-vilified pirates on this issue.  I really don’t want my favourite musicians and film makers to “not have a job anymore” due to pirates, but all the same, I can’t help but think they do have a point.



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1 12 2007

Interesting article.

If you’re interested in piracy, have a look at Torrentfreak.com. They have interviews, articles and news about Torrentsites worldwide.

1 12 2007

I’ve never heard of that website. Sounds interesting, thanks! 🙂

2 12 2007

Ronald Goldman’s Father is sueing The Pirate Bay Over O.J. Book Downloads. Just read about it today.

2 12 2007

Yeah, that was reported on TorrentFreak. I doubt that he’ll achieve anything; the Swedish government themselves couldn’t take action against that site. The Pirate Bay aren’t the ones hosting the file, after all. He might as well sue Google over a search result.

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