Wii are the champions

16 11 2007

As reported repeatedly by the BBC, the Wii is selling pretty well.  In fact, even non-gamers are playing it.  And not necessarily ‘getting’ it (but who outside of Japan did get WarioWare first time they played it?), but still apparently having fun.  Hey, everybody loves The Legend of Zelda, even messed up versions with tacked-on Wii controls, backwards text and a right-handed protagonist (I’m a GCN fan, if you hadn’t guessed).  The secret of the Wii’s success may well be its emphasis on playing games and having fun above everything else.

Unfortunately, the Wii is proving such a success that they are unable to meet the demand.  Nintendo claim this is a global problem, although the BBC report focuses on the UK.  This is not exactly news (heck, there were Wii shortages back in 2006).  Rob Saunders, of Nintendo UK, answered questions about the shortage emailed to the BBC.

Saunders says that there is no shortage of games, only hardware.  He denies the accusation that Nintendo have been withholding the consoles to artificially increase demand and prices, and says that if you want a Wii, your best bet “is to visit a tried-and-trusted High Street and online retailer and ask them to add you to any waiting lists they have.”  However, it looks like for UK customers, the best thing to do is order from elsewhere in Europe (not from Japan or the US though, because of region coding which prevents consoles from playing games from outside their area).

Sony, meanwhile, are taking advantage of the Wii shortage to cut PS3 prices, which has doubled their sales in the US.  However, they’re not going to convince me unless they get themselves some games that match the greatness of the ones on other consoles.




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