FreeRice for all!

12 11 2007

FreeRice is a website that was set up by the UN’s World Food Programme to donate rice to help end world hunger.  It takes the form of a word game, with 50 levels of difficulty.  The later levels are quite a challenge, too!

Basically, as explained by their FAQ, the more you win, the more money their sponsors (the links advertising stuff at the bottom of the screen) will donate to buy rice.  At the time of writing, they have already donated enough for 1,330,639,890 grains, which, according to the BBC,  would feed over 50,000 people for one day.  Josette Sheeran describes the website as “a viral marketing success story” (I may write a post about viral marketing sometime when I get ’round to it).  Word of the game is primarily spread by bloggers, so I guess that means that, by writing this, I am helping to feed starving people – blimey!  *pauses stunned to reflect on this*

Still need persuading to give it a go?  The FAQ describes the benefits of taking the quiz for YOU:

“Learning new vocabulary has tremendous benefits. It can help you:

  • Formulate your ideas better
  • Write better papers, emails and business letters
  • Speak more precisely and persuasively
  • Comprehend more of what you read
  • Read faster because you comprehend better
  • Get better grades in high school, college and graduate school
  • Score higher on tests like the SAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT
  • Perform better at job interviews and conferences
  • Sell yourself [I beg your pardon?  Sorry.], your services, and your products better
  • Be more effective and successful at your job”

So by taking the quiz, you are not only helping end world poverty, you are not only helping end world hunger; you are helping yourself.  Though not to rice.

So FreeRice is for everybody!

Well, what are you waiting for?




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