Text appeal

5 11 2007

accrdin 2 da beeb ppl in da uk r sendin 1bn txts a week.  i thnk dat meanz in da entire uk not indvdually bt i cld b wrng.  im also nt sure whch “bn” they mean: shrt or lng frm?  w/e its a lot.

NEway, this sept, 4.825bn txts were sent.  thats 4000 a sec.  a lot.

I’d better start typing normally before I go nuts.  Anyway, Mike Short, head of the Mobile Data Association, suggests reasons for the increased popularity of text messaging: “It’s convenient, comprehensive, it’s on every handset and network and it is cost effective”.

In response to the claim that text messaging increases illiteracy, BBC video news claims that kids who text often actually do better in literacy tests than other kids, which is probably just as well, seeing as the predicted total texts sent this year is 52 billion.  That’s a lot, btw.

I wonder if this means I could get away with handing in my English essay in text speak?  Now that I think about it, probably not, since I’m hopeless at texting.

g2g! c u l8r.




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