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1 11 2007

I stumbled across a site that gives websites an age certificate. You just type in the URL and click “Rate”. Based on that, my blog was given a G-rating, on the grounds that it contains only one “bad word” – “ass”.

What's my blog rated?

However, I was curious as to whether it scans the whole site or just the page with that URL, so I tried typing in the URL for Page 2.  Turns out it is just the page, not the whole site, since page 2 was given a PG-13 rating due to the use of the “bad words” “corpse” (x3), “hell” (x2) and “death” (x1).  This is the first time I’ve heard “corpse” or “death” termed “bad words” – they’re not exactly rude – but there you go.

What's my blog rated?

All the other pages were rated general, although I did apparently use the word “sex” on page 7 (shock horror!).

It was interesting and amusing, but I’m not sure I’ve learned very much from this.  The problem with a system that scans for “bad words” is that it doesn’t take into account the context in which the words are used.  I think PG-13 is about right for my blog, but it’s funny to think that “huge melons” probably makes no difference to the rating, whilst “women were historically known as the fairer sex” would up the rating.

Once I’ve hit publish, I’m going back to the site to see what this page is rated now.  I would guess much higher than it was a few minutes ago, thanks to the number of “bad words” in this post.




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1 11 2007


As a lady with an outstanding front end I am now preparing to *rotflmao*. I came close to cracking up as I read this. Obviously, you have run into a bunch of over protective and probably religious parents (fundamentalist Christians is my guess).

You know the kind. On one hand, they are fruitful and dedicated to multiplying in an over-populated world when the last thing the planet needs is more little images of them consuming the last remaining resources. On the other, the same folks assume their children do not know their parents are having sex or that they are capable of being perfect asses, let alone, dying and becoming corpses.

Keep on blogging and remember ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM: don’t let the bastards grind/get you down. 😉

P.S. What the heck I’m putting your blog on my blogroll.

2 11 2007

Oh wow… thanks, timethief!

To be honest, I think the ratings are meant to protect the sensibilities of over protective and/or religious parents rather than devised by them, but I think you’re probably right.

Illegitimi non carborundum, eh? I’ll try and remember that phrase!

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