How NOT to make a music video

27 10 2007

Today I had everything planned out.  I would finish my first English essay (which currently resides, unfinished, on my computer) and make a start on the second one early (still unstarted) in the morning.  Then I would go out with my brother and one of his friends who happened to be visiting and film the video.  We went up the hill to the common, each of us carrying some equipment, except my brother, who gave me the CD player because he was unable to carry it without tilting it and spinning the disk.

Unfortunately, I had done something VERY stupid in not checking the camera before hand.  I knew how to use it, and why should there be anything wrong with it?  This was a Mistake with a capital M, and very probably a capital I-S-T-A-K-E as well.

“Hey” said my brother’s friend.  “I sure hope this camera runs off batteries.”

I paused.   “Why would that be?” I asked.  Time seemed to have frozen.

“Because this thing has been switched on the whole time it was in the box.”

I must confess to having said a rather rude word at this point, which I think was probably understandable given the circumstances.  So the camera is now charging, I have to return it to the school Tuesday, and, due to Music Tech, I’m not going to be able to get any filming done that day.  And it’s raining tomorrow.  Whoopee.

The really daft thing, which only really clicked when I got back, was that I’d left the film in my bedroom anyway, so we wouldn’t have been able to film anything even if we did have power.

The moral of this story is probably “check your camera before you try to film anything with it, and especially before you force people to trek up a hill laden with junk, which they will not appreciate.”

In my defence, I was tired and I’m stupid, but nevertheless, heed my warning.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Now I’ve got to figure out when I will be able to film this.




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