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13 10 2007

Here it is: the questionnaire of righteousness!

Well, OK, not really.  Actually, it’s for a school project, and it aims to find out whether the rise of the sci-fi/fantasy drama has coincided with or caused an increased public interest in science fiction and fantasy.  I would be delighted if people would use the comments form to answer it:

1.  What is your opinion of the following: television drama, science fiction and fantasy? (like?  hate?  worship?  couldn’t care less?)

2.  What is your opinion of the following: Battlestar Galactica (2004 redesigned series), Doctor Who (2005 revived series), Lost, Life on Mars, Heroes, and Torchwood? (follow?  watch occasionally?  switch channels the moment you hear the opening jingle?  never heard of them?)

3.  What other TV dramas do you enjoy (if any)?

4.  What other fantasy or science fiction stories, works, series, books, films, comics, animé, video games, role playing games, etc. do you enjoy (if any)?

Replies are welcome even if you aren’t into any of the shows mentioned above, in fact I’d be really glad of any responses since all of it is useful to my project, and I want to get as wide a demographic as possible.

Please respond!

Thanks ~ B0bby



26 responses

14 10 2007

1. i like watching television, science & fantasy-related tv shows if they’re good.

2. i like the 2004 battlestar galactica series but i have not watch the original one. i also enjoy watching lost. the other shows i don’t get that on tv where i live because i don’t have cable. haven’t heard of life on mars, dr who and torchwood.

3. i like ugly betty and grey’s anatomy.

4. one of my favourite books is flowers for algernon by daniel keyes.

14 10 2007

Thanks a lot! *removes hat and bows in gratitude*

Ugly Betty is great, I’ve not seen Grey’s Anatomy, though.

14 10 2007

sure no problem. hope it helped some. 🙂

14 10 2007

Yes it did! 🙂

20 10 2007

Hey, I can see that people are reading this, so why no more answers? Please, don’t be shy! I don’t mind if you absolutely loathe television in all forms, I just want your comments!

23 10 2007

1). Personally, I enjoy watching drama, but i am not interested in the others.

2). Never heard of them!

3). I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy and all of the series of CSI

4). I’m not into the fantasy or science fiction

23 10 2007

Thanks, kkris!! Awesome.

23 10 2007

1. My opinion of those tv shows is that I am glad they are there for people who enjoy to watch them but it doesn’t matter much to me because I don’t watch a lot of tv.
2. I havn’t heard of any of those.
3. I like CSI, The O.C. and Third Watch
4. Other shows I watch are The Simpsons, Family Guy, much music videos, and lots of sports such as hockey and football.

23 10 2007

1) i reallly like tv but its gotta be funny i figure or else or extremely interesting

2)I dont want any of them shows

3) i like greys anatomy and private practice and ER one tree hill third watch was a decent show, desperate housewives

4) i also watch family guy the simpsons 30 rock the office and i really really like harry potter

i watch way toooo much tv

23 10 2007

1. Dramas are ok – i like private practise, greys anatomy, and i loved boston public! one teee is also good, other than that it HAS to be funny!

2. I don’t watch any of them at all!

3. i like er too i forgot about that! and i like and brothers and sisters

4. I am a HUGE family guy fan, i like two and a half men and everybody loves raymond. i like some older ones as well!

23 10 2007

1. I watch alot of television drama and I really do enjoy fiction as well. Fantasy is not something I’ve ever been into so I’m not sure if I like it.
2. I have never heard of any of those!
3. I enjoy watching CSI:Miami, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, and many reality t.v. shows like Canada’s Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, etc…
4. They only fiction movies I enjoy are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter…

23 10 2007

1) I enjoy watching the odd drama (CSI)

2) I find that Battlestar Gallactica is very strange…for the moment that I watched it. When Lost first came out, I watched it almost every week, but after the first season, it went downhill from there. I haven’t seen the others on my T.V.

3)I watch CSI quite a bit, but thats about it

4)Well, I really enjoy first person shooters for video games (Halo Trilogy) and the Halo novels are very interesting. Cartoon/Comedy is my favorite genre to watch on TV (Family Guy, Corner Gas)

23 10 2007

Wow, I really appreciate this, people!

I don’t really consider sports, music or comedy to be fantasy or sci-fi, but it’s good to hear what other people think; that was the point of this questionnaire, after all.

Cheers, both of you! 🙂

23 10 2007

*Make that ALL of you. Where are all you people coming from? Wherever it is, I appreciate it!

It’s nice to see such a variety of tastes; Halo and LOTR and ER and all the rest of ’em.

Family Guy is clearly very popular, although it’s a cartoon sitcom…

Thank you all very very much!

23 10 2007

were using your little questionaire as a media project thats where were all coming from

23 10 2007

Ah, that makes sense, cool. Hope you find it useful, and the project goes well!

23 10 2007

1) I like some television dramas, if they’re suspenseful or intense. Some science fiction movies have some cool stuff, but I’m not a fan of fantasy.

2) I’ve watched Lost a couple fo times before and it seems alright, but Battlestar Gallactica and Doctor Who seem a bit weird. I’ve never watched the other ones.

3) I enjoy watchig CSI, Criminal Minds, and Friday Night Lights.

4) I enjoy watching cartoon sitcoms like Family Guy, I enjoy action films, I like comedies, especially movies with Chris Farley and Adam Sandler. I also like standup comics like Dane Cook.

23 10 2007

Thanks morg!

Hmm, maybe I should have included an extra question about TV shows that aren’t sci-fi, fantasy or dramas, since many people have listed them. Ah well.

23 10 2007

You seem to be done, so I wanted to say thanks to all who commented just now. You’re wonderful people, you know that? 🙂

By the way, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome any more comments; if anyone else is willing to submit some answers to this, I’d be thrilled. Or at least, disproportionately happy.

30 10 2007

1) I like dramas sometimes but it all depends on what it’s about. i don’t much care for sci-fi but fantasy it again depends on what it’s about

2) I’ve heard of lost and doctor who but i’ve never watched them

3) i don’t mind watching Gossip Girl sometimes and i don’t know if you’d call Charmed a drama or not

4) I think Ender’s Game falls into those categories and i really like the book

30 10 2007

Thanks amanda!

Yep, Charmed is definitely a drama, and Ender’s Game is a science fiction.

30 10 2007

1) Television drama is pretty cool, science fiction is better yet though. However when it comes it comes down to fantasy my brain starts lagging out a little bit.

2) I have definatly heard of all these shows that were mentioned however I have never actually had the sudden urge to watch such shows.

3)I enjoy numerous TV drammas but I spend my time away from the television so I would simply be making a fool out of myself even attemting to name such drammas.

4)When it comes down to books the ‘Left Behind’ series is obviously the best thing that was ever published. I tried to tell you… but video games… hmm I’m gonna have to say Roller Coaster tycoonl. And not just the first one, all three of em!

30 10 2007

Thank you, Dustin!

1 11 2007
Toucan Cam

1. I really enjoy television dramas like CSI, Cold Squad and 24. My interests in Sci-fi and Fantasy only go as far as Star Wars and Harry Potter.
2. I Have heard of all those shows, but I don’t have TV in my room so I’ve never watched any of them.
3. I don’t watch very much TV because I don’t have satellite TV in my room. I mostly just watch Movies. But I do like That 70’s Show.
4. I am a big fan of Family Guy. I thought American Dad would be good but all it turned out to be was a carbon copy of FG(Amrican Dad, Family Guy, don’t those seem a little too alike in meaning to be coincidential?). My favourite TV Show is 24, which is better on DVD. My favourite books are The DaVinci Code, The Shining, Four Past Midnight and The Bourne Identity. My favourite Video Games are 24, Kingdom Hearts, and True Crime: Streets of L.A.

1 11 2007

That’s great, Toucan Cam. Thank you!

4 11 2007

Just to make it clear, question 4 aims to find out what fantasy or science fiction stories you enjoy. That’s fantasy as in impossible settings, featuring magic or similar, and SF as in futuristic worlds, advanced technology etc. Reality TV, sports and other non-fiction programmes do not count, and neither do satirical shows that only very occasionally feature something supernatural (e.g. The Simpsons, Dead Ringers, Family Guy). Stories that do come under the category of SF and fantasy include all the programmes listed in question 2, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dracula, Frankenstein, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Halo, Shrek, The Legend of Zelda, Naruto, The Chronicles of Narnia, classic Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and many others.

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