Media: Where am I now?

12 10 2007

I’m fully aware that the last post was nothing to do with media; I can’t stop thinking about “pop culture” versus “high culture”, especially since my English teacher wants me to read some “high literature” (whatever that might be) every day.

I think it’s time I stepped back and had a look at where I am now, both with my music video production and with my critical research “journey”.

As far as the video goes, I still haven’t done any film work.  I’ve decided that “Scatterbrain” will be too difficult to do a video of, so I’m considering doing “Lurgee” (from Pablo Honey) – I’ve been advised to stick with Radiohead rather than choosing someone new, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking at videos other bands have made.

As far as the journey goes, I’ve given the work in to Adam.  I’ve also devised a questionnaire, which I will probably put online at some point.




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