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27 09 2007

The walk up to the school is not much fun in the pouring rain on a Tuesday afternoon, or the frosty cold of a Thursday morning, especially if you spent the weekend at home with a severe cold and a headache.  My attendance has not been perfect, but what can I do?  When I don’t come up I miss a lesson and receive a stern lecture.  When I do, half the time there is no lesson, so I’ve walked all that way for nothing.

Today was one such instance, but at least now I know what I’m doing in my metaphorical journey – that is, the critical study.  I e-mailed Adam this question:

“To what extent has the increase in mainstream television dramas dealing with fantastic or speculative subject matter (e.g. Heroes, Doctor Who, Lost, etc.) coincided with, or directly influenced, an increased public interest in science fiction and fantasy?”

He said it was OK, so I’m beginning work on it now.  I might need to modify it a bit to make it more relevant to the subject (plus I reckon it’s a little wordy, personally) but apart from that, I’m ready to go!




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