Analysis 1: “Canon Rock” ~ funtwo

24 08 2007

I thought I’d start with something easy, so I’ve chosen a rather atypical (although very popular) music video. It is atypical for two reasons. Firstly, it contains hardly any editing (that’s what makes it easy), and secondly it was never released for any commercial purpose, and became famous on YouTube. I am, of course, referring to funtwo’s cover of Jerry Chang’s “Canon Rock”.

1. The video opens with credits: “Canon. Composed by Johann Pachelbel, arranged by JerryC, plyd by funtwo”. The white writing stands out against the black background, whilst the names are in colour to make them more visible. This then fades dramatically to…

2. Throughout the video, funtwo is sat on his bed, holding an ESP guitar. His computer is just visible to the right of the screen, playing the backing track. The audience never gets a good look at funtwo’s face, as he looks downwards, his eyes obscured by a baseball cap, with bright light flooding in from the window behind him. This creates a mysterious aura about him, and also serves to direct the audience’s vision at the guitar.

3. At roughly 03:11, the pace slows, and the picture fades to show a still of a traffic light displaying a green man against a night sky. This obviously has implications of ‘go’. It remains for just over a second.

4. The picture fades back to show funtwo playing a slow, melodic segment before crashing back into maximum gear for a frantic virtuoso performance of the later variations.

5. As he plays the final notes, the picture fades to a black screen displaying the message “Thank You!!” in white lettering, as though acknowledging the viewer’s applause. This message is as much a part of funtwo videos as his trademark hats.

You can watch the original video of this on YouTube. I know it only says “guitar”, but this is the video that made it all happen…




4 responses

6 03 2009

Hi Bobby,

What do you think about this version?

10 03 2009

It’s pretty good. Gotta respect that virtuosity.

20 03 2009

Check out his cover of Vivaldi’s ‘4 seasons'(summer mvt.3)
Downright amazing!

20 03 2009

Aye, it’s awesome. I like Carol Rock too.

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