Censorship considered harmful

6 06 2007

I’m getting nervous now.  History exam this afternoon, no idea what I’m going to write, and media first thing tomorrow.

Anyway, latest from BBC news, Amnesty International have spoken out against Internet censorship.  They claim that the Internet “could change beyond all recognition” if something is not done about the increasing censorship, which they consider companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are allowing to continue.  They warn that more and more countries are imitating China, banning websites and arresting bloggers.  For example, Egyptian blogger Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman recieved 4 years imprisonment for insulting the president and Islam.

Amnesty are holding a conference, “Some People Think the Internet is a Bad Thing: The Struggle for Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace.”  Various people will speak, including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia, who was involved in devising a “bloggers’ code of conduct” earlier this year.

For more information, see http://irrepressible.info/.




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