Internet stats (proper)

5 06 2007

Sorry about the last post.  So, these stats.  Basically, comScore have revealed that the average European accesses the net 16.5 days in a month, and spends 24 hours viewing 2,662 web pages.  The country with the “highest net penetration” is Norway, with 83% of the population online, whilst the country with the lowest is Russia (11% online).  Germany have the largest online population at 32.5m 15 year olds and above, whilst the UK has the most active Internet users with 21m people online everyday.

However, the managing director of comScore Europe, Bob Ivins, says that given convergence people watch TV online as well, so it’s tricky to give accurate statistics.  He also indicates the way UK Internet usage increased after the introduction of Broadband.




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