BlackBerry picking

5 06 2007

The BlackBerry is a PDA type device.  It can send and recieve emails, telephone, fax, text and browse the Internet, as well as run certain software.  As Shawn Baldwin of Capital Management Group puts it, “it allows me to be out of the office but still have the office with me.”

This to my mind sounds like a mixed blessing.  When you leave the office, surely you don’t want to carry on working?  With the BlackBerry there’s no excuse for laziness.  That doesn’t stop various successful enterprisers from making videos about why they love their BlackBerrysAdam Lowry, of Method Products inc. says “It helps me manage my own sanity.”  O-K…  Good for you, Mr. Lowry.  Moving swiftly on, Nina Garcia of Elle magazine explains “BlackBerry, for me, is freedom.”  Being at the mercy of my clients’ and colleagues’ emails all day isn’t my idea of freedom but there you go.  Actually, I’m a little scared by some of the videos.  For example, New York choreographer Danielle Flora exclaims “It absolutely changed my life!  Completely.  I’m serious, it really has.”  Actually, I’ve never heard of Flora before, but her video’s wonderful – she actually does claim to “love” her BlackBerry and describes it as “awesome” and “huge” (by which she means it’s good) and like Garcia talks of the “freedom” it gives her.  You begin to wonder about these people, but they’re all successful business men and women, so they must have a point.

And then, of course, there’s Mo Rocca

But the BlackBerry isn’t just for work.  Oh no.  The BlackBerry is “for life”.  I’m not yet sure if that’s as opposed to “just for Christmas.”  It can be used for social purposes too.  It can even play the odd game (although I bet it doesn’t do Tetris).

 Edit: I removed the link to Baldwin’s “why I love my BlackBerry” because that video doesn’t seem to exist any more.  They must have taken it down.  Does this mean he doesn’t love his BlackBerry anymore?  Has he dumped it?  Is it heartbroken?  I’m crying into my keyboard just thinking about it.




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15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

15 12 2007

I thought I was being pretty neutral on this subject, but feel free to disagree with me. I don’t have a problem with that. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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