4 06 2007

I’m not going to even bother linking this one back to films.  It’s all media studies, and the exam’s on Thursday, so I’m just going to note pretty much every (vaguely) relevant thing I come across.

The iPhone (once again, as reported by the BBC) is a new mobile ‘phone, produced by Apple.  It functions not only as a ‘phone (complete with texting, media player, voicemail, calculator and photographs, of course) but also as a web browser and, as you might expect, an iPod.  This is Apple’s big venture into the cell ‘phone market, which dwarfs the MP3 player market that Apple already dominate.

It features something called Visual Voicemail, which is purportedly an industry first.  The basic idea is, you have all the voicemail messages in front of you on a touch screen, and you simply select the one you want to listen to, without having to listen to any of the others.

I can tell I’m not going to get along with the iPhone though, since it features both an automatic spell-checker and predictive text.  I mean, I know what I’m trying to type, OK?  I don’t need some smug little device to try and tell me that the word I’m looking for is in fact “book” (even when it isn’t).  Sheesh.




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