It’s nothing to do with TV or films, but…

23 05 2007

…This was so relevant to media studies I just had to make a note of it.  By the way, has anyone else noticed that most of these high-tech companies producing new technologies are Japanese?  It’s weird, but they really do seem to dominate the market, even though new media are typically associated with American firms like Apple and Microsoft… but I digress.

(As reported by the BBC) Sony (Japanese company) have struck a deal with BT to enable the PSP to be used as a telephone.  This is the latest in a long history of Sony games consoles that have other features, like DVD playing and music.  It’s odd though, because the PSP is very similar in shape to the Nokia N-Gage, which was a mobile ‘phone and games console that sold badly, but I’ll bet the PSP has more success because it’s just better like that.  Besides, Nokia are Finnish, not Japanese, so nobody expects games consoles from them.

The report also mentions that similar technology also exists for the current Nintendo (note: another Japanese company) handheld, the DS.  Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, there are no plans to market it commercially.

BT (UK, but the point still stands), meanwhile, are enabling PSP calls to be made thanks to their 21CN network, which aims to eventually replace the existing telephone network – anyone else reminded of the analogue TV switch-off?



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