Internet television “rubbish,” say new media family

16 05 2007

A family from Gloucestershire (hurray!) were given all the new media equipment they needed to watch Internet TV.  They had to watch an online news bulletin, download a movie, use Joost and Jalipo (online TV services), and download an episode of their favourite show.   The verdict?  “It’s rubbish,” said Dean Boston after discovering the programmes available on Joost (plenty of old episodes of The Man from UNCLE and no episodes of 24).  Suzanne Boston was similarly unimpressed by Jalipo.  The news bulletin wasn’t difficult to download, although the movie was expensive and not very good.

The only task they actually failed to complete was downloading an episode of a favourite show.  They found two sites that offered Ugly Betty, iTunes and 4OD, but the former was only available to Americans (sounds a bit racist!  Like, we sent our army to help them fight in Iraq and they won’t even let us watch their TV shows o_~) and the latter wasn’t compatible with Windows Vista (grr… Micro$oft..!).

Despite the general suckiness of their new media experience, the family still missed all the technology when the BBC took all the new media stuff back.  Some people are never happy!




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16 06 2007

thank you.

14 10 2007

You’re welcome.

I’m just sorry that a comment went unnoticed on my blog for so long! It won’t happen again, I promise! Really sorry!

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