Halo 3 – big news?

16 05 2007

Despite what Adam said in class the other day, I am not up-to-date on video gaming, since I own neither an Xbox 360, a Wii or a PS3 (I’m more of a retrogamer).  So, in a post that’s totally irrelevant to films and TV, I decided to express my surprise at the latest main headline on the BBC Technology News website.

Halo 3 is, apparently, headline news, and Microsoft believe it will completely thrash their closest rivals, Sony.  They consider it to be one of the biggest releases of the year, comparing it to Spiderman 3 and Harry Potter 7.  This would never have happened a couple of years ago, because the games industry never had such mainstream appeal before.  Mind you, I think they’re overhyping it if they think it’s going to be as big as Harry Potter, given how well those books normally sell, but no matter.

Sony, meanwhile, have actually lost profits following the release of the PS3, as reported by the Beeb.  I almost feel sorry for them.

You can view some beta footage of Halo 3 here.  Despite graphical updates, it still looks to play the same way as the original (although before any Halo fanatics protest, some exciting new features are rumoured, including, rather bizarrely IMHO, grousing).

What I want to know is, what happened to Super Punch-Out!!?  Or Kid Icarus?  What happened to them, eh?  If they had got this much hype, d’you think they’d still be around today?  More importantly, could this mark a change in the world’s view of video gaming?  Will they finally be accepted by the mainstream?

Well, I don’t know the answer; I’m just raving.

I like raving.  Raving is fun.




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