Television Tropes

14 05 2007

I found another website.  Television tropes and idioms is quite an unusual site – a wiki (a website anyone can edit) which aims to list all the plot elements, or “tropes”, appearing in television shows and, by extension, films, comics, video games and even music.  It has a very informal tone.  Naturally, being an international site, it’s biased towards American and Japanese shows, but what did you expect from the Internet?  Also, there’s no standardised system for naming articles, so it can be tricky to navigate the site, but it’s great for browsing, especially from a media studies point of view.

Because I’m generous like that, I found some particularly relevant pages for the hypothetical reader of my blog to read at his or her leisure.  The following all show how the mainstream entertainment media have reacted to the invention of new media.  Apparently, they’re not happy.





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