OK, you bar-stewards, you asked for it…

14 05 2007

I am NOT going to put up with another bad grade!  I’m sorry, but I spent hours on that film coursework and what have I got to show for it?  A lousy grade.  Normally that wouldn’t stress me out too much, but since media studies is really the only A-level subject I stand a chance in, I am filled with nerdy fury.  This has got PERSONAL.

Why am I ranting all this online?  Meh.  It was better than a public outburst anyway.  And face it, I’m just childish like that.

Anyway, Examiners, I’ll show you.  I’ll show you nothi.  I’ll make you respect my media skills.  This is going to be the BEST DOGGONE BLOG THE UNIVERSE HAS EVER KNOWN.  You will rue the day you ever marked me down!

And if anyone’s reading this, keep coming to this blog.  I’m now officially determined to include more relevant information on here than there is on Adam’s blog.  That’s a promise.

Hope you likey!




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