Home cinema

14 05 2007

The home cinema is what it sounds like – a cinema in your home.  The definition is more controversial than it sounds, because, believe it or not, there are people who will engage in endless disputes about what constitutes a home cinema (in particular, whether a widescreen TV and some quadrophonic speakers are enough to count).  This makes it difficult to find anything about them online, so if you’re interested, why not just check out Wikipedia’s treatment of the subject?

So, with the invention of the home cinema, what happens to plain-old, regular cinema?  Is that now obsolete?

Well, if you want my tuppennorth on the subject (and I’ve no idea why you would, but there you go) no, it doesn’t.  After all, they said the same about video players (“VCRs” to any Americophiles out there) and it turned out many people preferred to visit the cinema, so it wasn’t a problem.

Besides, home cinemas are blooming expensive.




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