Lara Croft

10 05 2007

Not particularly relevant to films, I know (although there has been a Tomb Raider film.  Chris Barrie, off Red Dwarf, was in it), but Adam was saying how all media are related, and anyway, it gives me an excuse for an angry pro-feminist rant, which is always fun.

So.  Lara Croft.  According to the BBC News website (I’m referencing this site a lot, aren’t I?), she’s getting a new game that’s essentially a remake of the original Tomb Raider.  Which is, I’ll admit, quite a cool idea.  It’s called retrogaming.

But that Eidos representative guy – urgh!  He is SO irritating!  I mean, I notice he takes the opportunity to slag off rival franchises like Super Mario Bros and Sonic the HedgehogTomb Raider‘s a great game and all, but those are bona fide classics.  Eidos really has nothing to match.

However, the worst piece of bull there was his justification of the game’s heroine, Lara Croft, as “a positive role model.”  Excuse me?  She’s the most infamous case of video games treating women as sex objects in the whole industry.  “She’s not a size zero.”  Is he talking about what I think he’s talking about?!  Croft might not be super-skinny (although she’s certainly not chubby), but she has a bust that makes Jordan jealous.  If these games were as realistic as is sometimes claimed, she would have had to retire from the adventuring business ages ago from backache!

“She was the very first female character seen in a video game of any worth.”  Has this guy never played Metroid?  That featured a female main protagonist as early as 1986.  And she was intended as a feminist statement, not a cynical attempt to sell to teenage males.  And Metroid was a class game.  Lara “was all of the things that men liked, and all of the things that women liked too,” was she?  Only, last time I checked, the majority of women weren’t particularly crazy about action-adventure games.  That’s certainly not true of all women, but there are plenty of quality action games out there that don’t need to use hypersexualised, questionable “role models” (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!) to boost sales.

He even said “in hindsight (no pun intended)…” when talking about Croft.  Who does he think he’s kidding?

Of course, we’re no longer studying gender roles and stereotypes, so rant over.

 In more relevant news, it was interesting to note that not only has the Tomb Raider franchise spawned two films, but in the video the Eidos bloke says about how they were influenced by movie remakes when they made the game.  It seems that the line between game and film is becoming increasingly blurred.  Hopefully this will pave the way for more graphically-updated remakes, and not “interactive movies” (anyone remember them?  If not, you didn’t miss much).

In related news, a poll on Channel 4 has named Angelina Jolie the “sexiest person ever.”  Even more alarmingly, Lara Croft herself came in 6th place in the same poll.  Seriously, some people need to get out more.

And coming from me, that’s a serious insult.




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