Apple TV to show YouTube

31 05 2007

As you might have guessed from the header, Apple TV is going to be able to show YouTube, according to the Beeb.  Apple TV users will be able to stream YouTube movies directly to their TVs.

Of course, you may well ask, doesn’t this leave them vulnerable to lawsuits?  Luckily, Viacom (they’re the ones suing YouTube, remember?) will happily licence their shows to Apple, as with any other TV company, so problem solved.  Aww…  Don’t you just love a happy ending?


Thematic tagging

31 05 2007

I’ve been adding “tags” to my posts for ease of navigation, and also so that I can make sure I’m covering all the themes Adam mentioned (tags are the things at the bottom of posts – like this one is tagged “linkage”).  If you click one of those babies, it will let you view all the posts with that tag on WordPress.  Of course, not all of them will be relevant to media studies, but there’s always Ctrl+F if you want to find what you need.  You might think I’m pretentious for writing this when no-one will read it, but you’re reading it, aren’t you?

I’ve added tags that relate to many of the themes listed by Adam.  I haven’t used a “size and portability” tag, because I was already tagging for “miniaturisation” and “giant-ism” (“miniaturisation” describes the trend in new media for making gadgets like televisions and cameras smaller, whilst “giant-ism” is my own word for those rare occasions in new media where bigger actually is better, as in home cinemas, IMAX and Lara Croft’s bust).  Observant readers might notice that I also haven’t tagged anything as “leisure patterns”, because there’s nothing here that warrants such a tag.  Clearly, I have more work to do…

Edit: OK, I’ve found some stuff relating to leisure patterns on my blog after all, but I still need to research more.

Adam’s blog: an update at last

31 05 2007

Adam’s finally updated his blog with some revision essentials.  Would have been helpful to have that stuff earlier, but whatever.  Cheers, Adam!!!


30 05 2007

The latest feature on the BBC technology news is a look at how PVRs are changing viewing habits (PVRs being the things that let you view shows whenever you want, instead of watching them broadcast “live”, e.g. Sky+).  This confirms many of our suspicions from class.  For example, that advertisers are “not interested in paying for adverts that were fast-forwarded through”, which seems understandable.  Also, TV stations are anxious to claim credit for their shows (which probably means more of those irritating BBC Three logos in the corner of the screen), even when “timeshifted” (watched at a later time).

BSkyB are eager to promote PVRs – “the iPod of TV”, apparently – and are dropping the £10 monthly subscription fee, which can only be good news for PVR fans.

The page also contains some interesting figures – the most timeshifted shows are dramas, like Skins, while the least timeshifted are news and sports broadcasts.  Perhaps the change in viewing habits isn’t as dramatic as is sometimes made out, because 98% of viewing is still live broadcast.  Also, 40% of Sky+ users still sit through ads breaks, which is surely comforting for advertisers, though puzzling for sane folks like me!  o_0;

Even if you’re not interested in reading about PVRs, click the link for a nice, decorative image of Freema Agyeman/David Tennant, whichever you prefer…  Not quite sure what they’re doing there, but whatever.


30 05 2007

Adam’s blog seems to be OK now.

Navigating my blog

27 05 2007

Minor post here: for ease of navigation, I decided to make the earlier posts accessible from the blogroll, so it’s easy to skip to any page.


27 05 2007

Has anyone seen Adam’s blog lately?  It looks like it died or something…   0_0;