Is anyone likely to read this?

27 03 2007

I’ve done some work at last.  Here’s my list of landmark films with CGI:

Westworld (first film to use CGI)

Futureworld (first film to use 3D CGI)

Young Sherlock Holmes (first realistic-looking CGI character – OK, so he was a hallucination, and he looked like a broken window, but he still counts)

Terminator 2 (first CGI character with realistic human movements)

Jurrassic Park (first film to extensively use CGI creatures)

Casper (first film with a CGI starring character AND he interacted with live actors, as well)

Toy Story (first CGI feature-length film)

 The Lord of the Rings 2 (Gollum.  Need I say more?)

The Polar Express (if Gollum was one live-acted fully CGI character, check out the entire cast of this film).




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