IMAX therefore I am, or something

29 03 2007

I’ve been researching this IMAX thing.  I didn’t know anything about it, but their website makes it sound pretty cool (well, it would, wouldn’t it?).

IMAX (the name is a portmanteau word combining “image” and “maximum”) is the most powerful film technology in the world.  They have this massive screen which is slightly curved, so as to be more immersive.  The film is extra sharp and the projectors are apparently so bright that you could see one from the moon (yeah… not entirely sure I believe that).  On top of all that, the whole thing is presented in uncompressed digital surround sound.  Very nice.

So that’s IMAX for you.  They also do this weird thing called IMAX dome, and 3D cinemas.

That’s all I have to say.


Is anyone likely to read this?

27 03 2007

I’ve done some work at last.  Here’s my list of landmark films with CGI:

Westworld (first film to use CGI)

Futureworld (first film to use 3D CGI)

Young Sherlock Holmes (first realistic-looking CGI character – OK, so he was a hallucination, and he looked like a broken window, but he still counts)

Terminator 2 (first CGI character with realistic human movements)

Jurrassic Park (first film to extensively use CGI creatures)

Casper (first film with a CGI starring character AND he interacted with live actors, as well)

Toy Story (first CGI feature-length film)

 The Lord of the Rings 2 (Gollum.  Need I say more?)

The Polar Express (if Gollum was one live-acted fully CGI character, check out the entire cast of this film).

Adam’s blog

27 03 2007

I see that Adam Robbins has a link to my blog from his now.

 I also see that I forgot to say what my blog was about.  D’oh!

 For future reference, it’s mainly on films and stuff, but if I see anything else that looks (vaguely) relevant I’ll be sticking it on here as well.

OK… I’m still getting the hang of this…

25 03 2007

Still nothing notable here, but I may as well include links to the Wikipedia articles on Media Studies and media:

 I’ve also included a link to Adam’s blog.  Access it from the blogroll (blogroll – that word still makes me chuckle).

Welcome to my new hi-tech, shiny shiny new evil lair with ‘go faster’ stripes.

23 03 2007

Hmm… this is my first post on my new WordPress blog, and I hope it works better than the old one.  So yeah.  Nothing else to say at the moment, because I haven’t really done any work on this subject worth speaking of.  But yeah.  First post!  Hooray!  And may the lord be praised!  Allelujah!  Huzzah!  Lalala!

 I hope I haven’t overdone it…